About InhausAC

While there are many air conditioning solutions on the UK market, almost all of them offer the conventional technology which requires for a condense unit to be located externally from the property or for air holes to be drilled into external walls. Both of these conditions are usually impossible to satisfy as the local planning body or building freeholder typically reject all applications to install such systems due to strict rules in place to prevent damage to building exteriors, i.e. the mounting of exterior components on walls or balconies, as well as them being either an eye sore, a noise nuisance, or in all likelihood, both!

With UK summers breaking heat temperature records every year and weather becoming more and more unpredictable, the ability to control and create a comfortable microclimate in your own home or workplace is becoming a higher priority for many people. However, for the reason outlined above, many people, like ourselves feel helpless to address the problem. Until now.

At Inhaus Air Conditioning we went out and created a solution to this problem. We found a technology which offers the same performance as a conventional air conditioning system, but does not require any external components or holes through external walls. The equipment is compactly designed to fit in small spaces inside properties. It is rated A++ for energy efficiency and offers “smart” control from an app on your phone or tablet.